Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent, which means we show our commitment to the community by not being yoked to one insurance provider. We gather all your information, then compare price and coverages with 20-30 different insurance companies, assuring you get the best coverage for your specific needs at the most affordable price available.

Mission Statement

Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency’s mission — and our commitment — is to make sure you know the coverages you already have, plus any options that may be available to you to fill gaps in your insurance coverage. We want to make sure you purchase an insurance policy that has the coverages that are right for your specific needs.

Price is of course a concern, but should be the final factor you consider when looking at protecting your assets from loss. When you have a claim and suddenly need the coverage you’ve been paying for, you want to be sure you don’t find you’ve been paying a premium for years for specific coverage you never had.

Do not let this happen to you! Make sure you are insured properly by knowing all of your options first, then aligning the coverages with the price you are both willing and able to pay. Anyone can sell you an insurance policy based on price; you must make sure you purchase your policy based on need.

At Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency, our mission and commitment are to provide you with the knowledge you need to tailor a policy that is right for you!

With the extensive knowledge I’ve gained from 23 years of experience in the insurance industry, I provide individual and business consumers with insurance policies that meet their very specific needs, from homeowner and automobile policies to Business Owner’s, Commercial Package Policies, Worker's Compensation, Professional Liability, and the rest. The knowledge I share with my clients and potential clients is as important as price, because my clients benefit from and appreciate the understanding I offer of what each policy provides in coverages, exclusions and limitations, giving them the ability to make informed decisions that are right for them.

I am Charlene A. Cabral, owner of Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency, where we hold the torch to light your way, helping to keep your dreams a reality!