Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agent, which means we show our commitment to the community by not being yoked to one insurance provider. We gather all your information, then compare price and coverages with 20-30 different insurance companies, assuring you get the best coverage for your specific needs at the most affordable price available.

Commercial Business Insurance

Are you a business owner? Do you know what type of insurance policies and/or
coverages you need to minimize the potential of a loss? At Ayotte-Cabral Insurance
Agency we take the time to review the various policies so you are aware of any
coverage limitations and/or exclusions that exist in those policies. Once you are
aware of the issues that could affect your business, we work with you to tailor the
insurance policies to fit your needs.

Business Owners Policies:

Business Owners policies exist to help specific classes of business therefore the
consumer is able to secure both property and liability coverages at a reasonable price.
Many small to medium size businesses qualify for this type of policy but we want to
reiterate that every policy contains exclusions and limitations. Once we review these
issues with you and determine what coverages you are interested in purchasing, we
pursue the insurance companies that can provide the coverage at an affordable price. If
after exhausting all of our insurance company resources we find that a particular
coverage is not available, we will then explore pricing through a Commercial
Package Policy.

Commercial Package Policy:

A Commercial Package Policy is similar to a Business Owners Policy in that it
can provide both property and liability coverages. The difference between the two
policies basically comes down to the fact that not all classes of business qualify for a
Business Owners policy and therefore would need to be written on a Commercial
Package Policy. Also, if a client and/or prospect is interested in purchasing a
particular coverage that is not available on a Business Owners Policy, the only
other option is to write a Commercial Package Policy. This type of policy can be
specifically tailored to the finite coverages that may be needed for your business.

Business Automobile Policies:

Business owners have automobiles exposures as the vehicles they are driving may
be registered in the business name or a business automobile exposure exists as the
vehicle being driven may not qualify for coverage under a personal automobile

Now that it is clear why there is a business automobile exposure, lets explore the
coverages that can be purchased under a business automobile policy:

Liability Coverage: this coverage protects you in the event you are
liable for bodily injury or property damage that
resulted from an automobile accident you were
involved in.

Comprehensive Coverage: this coverage provides protection for
your owned automobile(s) that have
sustained actual physical damage from
a loss involving fire, theft, breakage of
glass, vandalism, falling objects and other
causes of loss that are not considered

Collision Coverage: this coverage provides protection for your owned
automobile(s) that have sustained actual physical
damage from a collision with another vehicle,
object or upset.

Drive Other Car Coverage: this is an endorsement that can be added
onto your business automobile policy to
broaden the definition of a covered auto
to include non owned vehicles that the
insured person operates.

Hired Coverage: if you lease, rent, hire or borrow automobiles other
than those owned by your employees or household
members, you have a unique liability exposure that
requires you to purchase this coverage to fill the
insurance gap.

Non-Owned Coverage: If purchased, this coverage provides liability
protection to you in the event an automobile
that is not owned, borrowed or leased is in
your care, custody and control and that
automobile is being used in your business.
This could include your employee’s vehicles.

Rental Reimbursement: If purchased, this coverage helps to pay the
cost to rent a vehicle when your automobile
has been disabled as a result of a covered
automobile accident.

Towing & Labor: If this coverage is purchased, it provides
reimbursement up to the select specified limit
to tow your vehicle or pay for on-site labor costs.

Employees as Additional Insureds:this is an endorsement that can be
added onto your business automobile
policy to broaden the definition of a
named insured to include your

The above are just a few of the various Commercial Insurance Policies that may be
available to help minimize your insurance exposures and potential for loss. Below
you will find a partial list of other commercial insurance policies and coverages:

Workers Compensation
Inland Marine/Equipment Floaters
Cargo Coverage
Business Interruption and Extra Expense
Equipment Breakdown
Property of Others in your Care, Custody and Control
Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability Policies
Professional Liability
Malpractice Policies
Specialty Insurance Policies such as:
Special Events
One Day Policies
Nannies or Live In Help

With the extensive knowledge I’ve gained from 23 years of experience in the insurance industry, I provide individual and business consumers with insurance policies that meet their very specific needs, from homeowner and automobile policies to Business Owner’s, Commercial Package Policies, Worker's Compensation, Professional Liability, and the rest. The knowledge I share with my clients and potential clients is as important as price, because my clients benefit from and appreciate the understanding I offer of what each policy provides in coverages, exclusions and limitations, giving them the ability to make informed decisions that are right for them.

I am Charlene A. Cabral, owner of Ayotte-Cabral Insurance Agency, where we hold the torch to light your way, helping to keep your dreams a reality!